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Standing Committees

Public Relations 
Maxine Rognlien, Director, Verendrye Electric Cooperative - Chair
Rod Stockdill, Director, McLean Electric Cooperative
Lynn Jacobson, Director, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative
Tim Wasem, Director, McKenzie Electric Cooperative
Paul Fitterer, Manager, Capital Electric Cooperative
Jeanette Hoff, Director, Reservation Telephone Cooperative
Chris Baumgartner, Co-Manager, Innovative Energy Alliance, LLC 
Martin Dahl, Manager, McLean Electric Cooperative
RE&T Development
Lauren Klewin, Director, Slope Electric Cooperative - Chair
Connie Bitz, Director, Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative
Doug Lund, Director, Nodak Electric Cooperative
Deon Vilhauer, Director, Capital Electric Cooperative
Allen Theissen, Director, Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Duane Otto, Manager, Cavalier Electric Cooperative
Don Franklund, Co-Manager, Innovative Energy Alliance, LLC 
Mylo Einarson, Manager, Nodak Electric Cooperative
Telephone Representatives
Paula Anderson, Consolidated Telecommunications
Elda Titus, Director, Northwest Communications Cooperative
Gerald Henry, Director, SRT Communications Cooperative
Lori Dahl, Director, Polar Communications
Doug Kalianoff, NDATC Rep.
Royce Aslakson, Manager, Reservation Telephone Cooperative
Professional Development
Randy Simon, Director, Northern Plains Electric Cooperative - Chair
Owen Goeser, Director, Cavalier Electric Cooperative 
Kyle Hilken, Director, Central Power Electric Cooperative
Russ Berg, Director, Cass County Electric Cooperative
Mike Thorson, Director, Great River Energy Cooperative
Marshal Albright, Manager, Cass County Electric Cooperative
Bruce Garber, Manager, Norther Plains Electric Co-op & Dakota Valley Electric Co-op
Randy Hauck, Manager, Verendrye Electric Cooperative
Lee McLaughlin , Director, Minnkota Power Cooperative - Chair
David Sigloh, Director, Upper Missouri G&T Electric Cooperative
Leland "Judge" Barth, Director, Mor-Gran-Sou Electric 
Carmen Essig, Director, KEM Electric Cooperative 
David O'Connell, Director, North Central Electric Cooperative
Bob Grant, Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative
Cindy Shattuck, Credit Manager, Verendrye Electric Cooperative
Ron Lipp, Capital Electric Cooperative, employee representative
Marshal Albright, Manager, Cass County Electirc Cooperative
Zachary Smith, Sec.-Treas., ex-officio, NDAREC
Dennis Hill, ex-officio, NDAREC, general manager
Safety Services 
Roger Kudrna, Director, Roughrider Electric Cooperative - Chair
Jason Bentz, Operations Manager, Roughrider Electric Cooperative
Wayne Martian, Manager, North Central Electric Cooperative
Dale Haugen, Manager, Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative
Jerry King, Manager, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative
Randy Hauck, Safety Coordinator, Verendrye Electric Cooperative
Craig Rysavy, Operations, DVEC and NPEC
Keith Thelen, Operations, McLean
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