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Community Service Award

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Candidates are evaluated on 1) demonstrated volunteer leadership; 2) involvement in community service activities; 3) contributions to community, civic and charitable organizations; 4) involvement in economic development activities; and 5) advancement of the Touchstone Energy® core values.

The nominee will be a rural electric director, CEO, general manager or employee (active or retired). Section 1--Identification (on application form)

  • Name of nominee
  • Nominee’s position
  • Name and address of cooperative
  • Years the nominee has been active in the rural electric cooperative program
  • Organizations with which associated
  • Special recognitions or awards

Section 2--Achievements. Please provide information regarding the following in a separate, typewritten attachment. It’s important that each category below is addressed individually; each category is assigned a point value in the judging/evaluation process.

  • Provide examples where nominee’s leadership abilities were instrumental in accomplishing goals for community betterment.
  • Describe nominee’s involvement in community development projects and the effects of nominee’s involvement.
  • Describe nominee’s service and volunteer activities in community and civic organizations.
  • List ways the nominee has advanced the Touchstone Energy core values within the cooperative and to member-owners.
  • Not to exceed three single-spaced, typewritten pages for all of Section 2.

Section 3--Supporting Documents

  • Application may be accompanied by no more than three letters of recommendation or endorsements from community and state leaders or organizations. Please include candid photo of nominee preferably involved with an activity, event or program identified in Section 2.
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