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Network Facts

Distribution Cooperatives

  • Sixteen distribution cooperatives serve 250,000 North Dakotans through 178,000 meters
  • Own 63,000 miles of distribution power lines
  • Sell 51% all retail electricity in North Dakota
  • Invested $1 billion in distribution facilities
  • Employ more than 650 people
  • All operate as non-profit, member-owned enterprises

Generation & Transmission Cooperatives

  • Five generation and transmission cooperatives operate in North Dakota
  • Own 4,200 miles of transmission line
  • Represents nearly 90% of all coal-based generation
  • Invested more than $5 billion in North Dakota's energy industry
  • Employ approximately 1,600 people in North Dakota 
  • Invested more than $2 billion in environmental equipment and controls.


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