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Electric vehicle fire training offered Feb. 25 and 26

For the first time in North Dakota, firefighters will be offered safety training in alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) fires, including electric vehicle (EV) fires. Electric cooperatives from North Dakota and eastern Montana have partnered with the North Dakota Firefighter’s Association (NDFA) to offer this one-day training at the 2022 NDFA Annual State Fire School on Feb. 25 and 26 in Minot.    

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will provide instruction for the eight-hour Alternative Fuel Vehicles Safety Training Course. The training provides firefighters with the information necessary to respond to emergency situations involving all AFVs on the roadways, including electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell and gaseous fuels, and their charging or refueling stations. 

“Electric cooperatives across the state have repeatedly been approached by volunteer firefighters about how to safely respond to emergencies primarily involving electric vehicles,” says Paul Fitterer, Capital Electric Cooperative general manager. “This particular training covers how to handle issues such as EV fires, proper extraction of victims of an EV accident and charging station fires, and is not something that has been covered at the statewide level before.”    

“Every one of our cooperatives works with North Dakota rural firefighters, who are typically all volunteers. And the vast majority of our service territories, and likewise, our members, are served by rural fire departments. We are thrilled to sponsor this important training at the upcoming state fire school and support the people in our communities who give their time to keep our members safe,” Fitterer says.    

North Dakota’s electric cooperatives are proud to sponsor this important training. Cooperative sponsors include: NDAREC, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Burke-Divide Electric Cooperative, Capital Electric Cooperative, Cass County Electric Cooperative, Dakota Valley Electric Cooperative, KEM Electric Cooperative, McKenzie Electric Cooperative, McLean Electric Cooperative, Mor-Gran-Sou Electric Cooperative, Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative, Nodak Electric Cooperative, North Central Electric Cooperative, Slope Electric Cooperative, Roughrider Electric Cooperative and Verendrye Electric Cooperative.

NDAREC is the statewide trade association for 16 electric distribution cooperatives and five generation and transmission cooperatives operating in North Dakota. The distribution cooperatives provide electricity to more than 250,000 North Dakotans. NDAREC services include legislative advocacy, line worker safety training and professional development services, cooperative business development, and communication services including publication of the North Dakota Living magazine.