This webinar series includes five webinars intended for finance and accounting professionals. Each webinar is a 90-minute presentation, scheduled for 10 to 11:30 a.m. Each webinar will be recorded by the instructor and distributed by NDAREC to registrants following scheduled webinars.

Revenue: Understanding the Details, Analyzing, Budgeting and Forecasting
April 13
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Key Topics:
• How revenue estimates are determined, advantages and disadvantages of estimated revenue (low, average and high)
• Value and examples of a budget process that includes an analysis of revenue
• Forecast considerations for revenue in relationship to plant, margins and equity

Expenses: Rate Payer Impact, Savings, Analyzing Expenses and Managing Expectations
May 11
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Key Topics:
• Managing expenses by building a culture of accountability in spending decisions
• Evaluating the balancing act of spending too little or too much — and the impact of expense decisions
• Appropriate discussions at the board table regarding expense expenditures of the utility

Margins Analysis: Cash Flow Conversions, Margins and Communicating Margins to Stakeholders
July 13
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Key Topics:
• Comparing the operating statement to the cash flow statement as a basis for understanding how much is needed in operating margins to support a sufficient cash flow
• Discussing the impact to operating margins and cash flow with decisions on expenses, margin needs, investments into plant, other balance sheet changes and retirement of capital credits
• Estimating short-term and long-term margins needed to support growth in new connections, plant additions, plant retirements and system improvements
• Calculating the impact of idle services policy and practice

Asset Management: Fixed Assets and Depreciation Details
September 14
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Key Topics:
• Discover the details within total utility plant – the categories, the details, impact on rates
• Understand the correlation between the fixed asset listing and how specific items impact the cost of service, and ultimately, ratemaking
• Determine strategies to analyze, manage and update fixed assets
• Discuss the correlation and reconciliation needs between assets and mapping
• Learn about standard costs and their impact to asset management concepts

Debt Management: Managing Debt and Interest Costs
November 16
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Key Topics:
• Basic concepts about debt management for your utility
• How to analyze and correlate debt to other inner workings of the financial statements
• Evaluate your debt portfolio
• Refinancing strategies and reasons for refinancing debt
• Relationship between depreciation expense, debt payments and the physical status of your distribution system