As we work to maintain and improve the quality of life for our communities, counties and states, it is important to be aware of what the components are which aid in improving the quality of life.  Having services available to us, such as restaurants, doctors, grocery stores, plumbers, electricians, schools, repair shops, hardware stores and law enforcement etc. are a part of providing a quality of life we would want.  To keep these services, we rely on consumers to spend money in our communities, counties and states.  One way to increase spending and repeat business is to provide high quality customer service and hospitality at all levels of the community, county, and state.

We've developed a *software tool to show the gross dollar impact an individual or individuals have on a business, community, county, or area over a period of a year. 

The *software tool also serves as a hard copy visual tool, which shows the importance of individuals to communities plus the results of both good and bad customer service.  It may also show the potential effect of what high quality or low quality customer service from one entity has on other businesses and the area.



The Community Impact Tool is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. You must have Microsoft Excel installed on your desktop, laptop or mobile device to use this tool.

Need help with the Community Impact Tool?  Contact Brian Gion, Cooperative Development Specialist at 701-667-6440 or bgion@ndarec.com